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Documentary, 2008
60 min
Directed and edited by Stephan Samuel
Camera & Production: Ede Müller
Collaboration and Assistance: Andrea Kurmann
Assistant Director: Yagi Taffere
Cast: E. Wyrostek, L. Audeichuk, N. Djorjewski, J. Diab, M. Quast, R. Kinaci, K. Peker, M. Diab, S. Türkkan Location: Berlin

9 youngsters from Berlin-Wedding have signed up to this experiment. They explore their personal future and career choices. The film pushes the boundaries and plays with roles that explore their relationship with the world of adults. The youngsters explore questions like: "Where I come from?", "Where do I go", "What is expected from me?". The director experiments and gets up close and personal; the audience sees things from the perspective of the youngsters themselves and experiences a generations Zeitgeist.


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